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Verify Chinese companies documents



Verifying the reliability of the Chinese side through the analysis of licenses and authorizations reduces the risks of embezzlement, non-compliance, customs seizures, fraud.

Horizon Solutions verifies with competent bodies the truthfulness of documents, deeds and licenses in Chinese that determine the reliability of a business partner and its declarations



  • Translation of the document into Italian

  • Verification of the veracity of the document with competent authorities

  • Analysis of verified information

  • Reporting and Technical Considerations

  • Any in-depth suggestions


By way of example, it is advisable to check: Chamber of Commerce registration, ownership of the company, company shares, date of foundation, Business scope, Company headquarters, Scope of activity, Legal Representative, Import-Export License, additional permits and licenses.



1. Following the payment of the service, you can send us all the documents to be verified if you have them, or indicate the contents of which you require verification (we will take care of finding the documents from the registers of the competent authorities)


2. In 3 working days we will send an email to the indicated e-mail address with the Report on the document translation activity and verifying the truthfulness of the recorded documents



  1. Verification of 1 company 90 € *

  2. Verification of 5 companies 270 € *

  3. Verification of 10 companies 500 € *


* The cost of service is inclusive of VAT and refers to a single type of registered deed

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