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Accounting, Audit and Tax Returns (monthly and yearly)



Chinese accounting and tax management is an extremely bureaucratic process. Any mistake can put the company at risk and can be sanctioned with the interruption of all company activities by the competent authorities. Inappropriate declarations can also be sanctioned under administrative and criminal law. Effective reporting is also essential for the owner to thoroughly look into the activities of the Chinese office.

Horizon Solutions assists in the fulfillment of all management and auditing practices required by Chinese legislation while ensuring understanding and vision of economic movements in English



  • 12 months of accounting service (bookkeeping, reporting and tax returns)

  • Annual license renewal

  • Annual audit report

  • Accounting system set up using software

  • Auditing of accounting books in compliance with Chinese tax standard

  • Filling monthly financial statement

  • Filling monthly and four-monthly tax returns

  • Filling individual tax returns for Chinese personnel

  • Filling individual tax returns for foreign personnel



The cost of the annual accounting, auditing and tax declarations service varies based on the Business Scope


€ 16,000* for Consulting and Service Companies

€ 19,900* for Trading, Shipping, Retailing, Food & Beverege Companies

€ 24,500* for Manufacturing Companies


* The cost of service is inclusive of VAT and does not include registration fees and duties of the competent Chinese authorities.

It is possible to request the Payroll and Personnel Management service in combination

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