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Staff payroll management is an extremely bureaucratic process. The Chinese system differentiates foreign personnel from the Chinese one and distinguishes them by regional origin for the purposes of calculating contributions and social security. Inappropriate declarations can be fined administratively and criminally. A skilful management of HR and Accounting facilitates the retention of staff, key to the success of any business in China.

Horizon Solutions assists in the fulfillment of all the practices required by Chinese legislation while guaranteeing the property, understanding and vision of management choices in English.



  • 12 months of payroll and personnel management service

  • Payroll management set up

  • Employee registration and social benefits

  • Update personal details of Chinese employees

  • Payroll organization with the company's banking institution

  • Assistance in opening bank accounts for employees

  • Payroll preparation

  • Report to the local accountant

  • Assistance with external auditor and inspection by Chinese authorities

  • Review of the payroll management process and compatibility with tax and labor regulations

  • Compilation of employee tax returns



The cost of service varies based on the number of employees.


€ 8,000* for companies with up to 5 employees

€ 10,000* for companies with 6 to 10 employees


* The cost of service is inclusive of VAT and does not include registration fees and duties of the competent Chinese authorities. It is possible to request the Accounting, Audit and Tax Declarations service in combination

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