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Personnel Research & Management



The high turnover is one of the characteristics of the Chinese economy. A careful selection of Chinese or foreign qualified personnel is essential for the operation of any company. Salary needs to be negotiated with the candidate based on experience and skills of the individual, elements that must be carefully checked. An effective Company Handbook is essential to formalize rules of conduct and corporate functions for a binding employment contract.

Horizon Solutions draws up company regulations, selects personnel and assists in fulfilling all the practices required by Chinese legislation for the correct recruitment of Chinese and foreign personnel in China.



The Handbook is the reference document containing definitions, rules and processes of the company's professional figures. The Handbook is therefore the essential document that binds the employee to a specific code of behavior and describes responsibilities in the specific operational function. The Handbook is therefore the primary tool for resolving most disputes with the worker in compliance with Chinese law.



Horizon boasts a broad knowledge of different production sectors in China and a proven presence in the territory that allows the firm to direct job offers to qualified professionals of Chinese or Foreigner nationality even for the highest managerial positions. We draw up job offers, direct them to a reference contact pool, select the most suitable professionals for the role, and carry out a preliminary economic negotiation. Following screening of candidates, we assist the proprietor during the final choice.



The loyalty of the staff passes from constant training, from the respect of local customs, to the smart management of bonuses and incentives. Companies are required by law to qualify their staff through periodic on-site training courses, also each time quality and safety certifications are requested. The cohesion between staff and management is essential and made possible through periodic Teambuilding and Company events on the occasion of holidays such as Chinese New Year. Annual events are also the right moment for the distribution of bonuses and economic rewards which are considered as integral parts of the annual salary. Horizon organizes training courses and corporate events, as well as supporting the property in the management of salaries and bonuses.




Horizon assists management and owners in resolving disputes with personnel in order to prevent and manage any traumatic events that could destabilize the company and generate reports to the competent authorities capable of determining the suspension of company activities by force of law.

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