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Fair Events & Meetings in China



Market penetration is directly connected to the ability to strengthen your market presence through events, fairs and meetings. Even a simple participation in a fair is to be structured and potential customers, suppliers, distributors, partners need to be inviteed well in advance. The organization of strategic events is instead based on the analysis of the reference market slice. HORIZON can make its contacts in China available, in every sector, to plan targeted and strategic events in order to allow a unique brand positioning to attract customers and investors in contexts inaccessible to other foreign companies.

Horizon Solutions assists in the planning and organization of successful events by defining effective strategies and providing contacts and qualified personnel



Horizon assists customers to frame fair event and optimize its results. Starting form an analysis of the positioning strategies, we search for the fair that best suits your needs, we prepare dedicated company press releases and presentations in Chinese, we proceed with the booking of the stand and the contracting of workers for the set-up, scouting of potential customers, suppliers or partners to invite, we provide language assistants and interpreters.




Conceiving and defining ad hoc strategic events is the best way to probe, penetrate and consolidate the Chinese market. Especially for SMEs and for the promotion of exclusive products and services, it is essential to enter a market niche and work on the attraction of a few selected and active contacts in multiple commercial sectors in order to differentiate yourself from the large multinational brands that would cover the presence of a SME in a fair. Horizon makes its experience and contacts available, including Chinese investors and institutions, to create and manage unique events aimed at opening more effective and targeted channels to increase the chances of success in China. Strategic solutions of this kind can also represent a significant rationalization of the company's activities and related promotional expenses, while at the same time being more effective.



The registration of a patent or a trademark in Europe does not guarantee coverage on Chinese territory. Forgetting to register your trademark or patent in China can entirely compromise sales on the Chinese market. Even participating in a simple fair without this protection means exposing yourself to a serious risk of losses on the Chinese market but also on the European one.



Communicating in the Chinese language is a primary necessity for moving on the Chinese market. Despite the progressive spread of the English language, a customer, a partner, a distributor will always prefer a relationship with a company that is able to communicate in Mandarin Chinese and therefore demonstrates its serious intention of commitment to the Chinese market and its potential clients. Horizon provides linguistic assistants to facilitate the management of fairs or events, qualified interpreters for business missions, interpreters for managing telephone calls and online meetings.

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