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Multinationals see huge development opportunities in nation's opening-up

GUANGZHOU-Multinational enterprises are anticipating exciting opportunities in China as the country continues to deepen its opening-up, even as the COVID-19 outbreak is slowing down the global economic momentum.

Despite a grim and complex economic situation both domestically and globally this year due to the novel coronavirus epidemic, China has not decelerated its efforts in promoting reform and development through opening-up. Rather, the country has made advances in more fields and embraced deeper level reforms.

China has continuously cut the number of sectors and businesses that are off-limits for investment in its negative list for market access in recent years, providing huge opportunities for foreign companies and stimulating the vitality of market entities.

(...) As China is committed to opening its door wider to the rest of the world, multinational businesses are committed to deepening their development footprints in the country as well.

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Source China Daily

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