Shoppers ride superfast e-commerce

Superfast e-commerce, which promises product delivery within hours of purchase, is set to be the new normal during this year's Spring Festival holiday shopping, industry insiders said.

They attributed the trend to city-based Chinese consumers being advised by the authorities to stay put and not travel home for traditional Spring Festival family reunions, in order to preempt further spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, consumers in urban areas are placing orders online using the one-hour delivery feature, so that logistics firms can deliver products or services to family members back home sooner than later, according to a survey by JJDJ, a prominent local on-demand delivery and retail platform.

This phenomenon is also noticeable among rural consumers who prefer the Lunar New Year gifts they bought online for their working or university-going children in cities to be delivered in quick time.

For this Spring Festival shopping season, the number of orders for delivery at places other than the point of sale doubled from last year's level, the study published on Friday said.

The trend was most pronounced in first-tier cities like Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, where more people stayed put instead of going back to their hometowns.

Between Jan 16 and Thursday, sales of festival gift boxes on the platform tripled year-on-year, with butter cookies and coffee combo packs leading the wave......


Superfast e-commerce

Source China Daily

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