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Suppliers in China



Visit in person of the supplier with interpreter or delegating only the interpreter to go to the supplier on your behalf. The service is suitable for maintaining commercial relationships, reinforcing commercial negotiations, verifying a production in progress or detecting any non-conformities.

Horizon Solutions provides specialized interpreters to accompany customers to the supplier or, if necessary, to carry out control visits to the supplier representing the customer in his absence



  • Management of appointments with the supplier through an interpreter

  • Visit of the supplier with interpreter or alternatively delegate the interpreter on your behalf for a photographic report and a written evaluations of the case

  • Sending photographic report where required

  • Assistance of our firm in evaluating what emerged from the visit



1. After paying for the service, you can explain the details of the case to us


2. Within 3 working days we will contact the supplier and make an appointment to visit the site following the instructions received


3. We will send you a table of any transport and accommodation costs, not included in the cost of the service


4. Following confirmation of any transport and accommodation costs, we will send a link for payment (in case of non-acceptance we will proceed with the refund of the amount previously paid)


5. We will proceed with the purchase of any tickets and accommodation and then send the relevant payment receipts


6. We will send the name and contact details of the selected interpreter and meeting place to the email indicated. In the event of a visit conducted by the interpreter alone on behalf of the client, we will send a textual and photographic report relating to what was illustrated at the beginning of the mandate to the e-mail address indicated.



€ 240.00*


* The cost of service is inclusive of VAT, referring to an 8-hour day of work by the interpreter, and does not include any costs of transport, food, accommodation.

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