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We support your business when  it comes to Accounting, Financial Statements and Human Resources Management


The constant evolution of China's tax rules requires great attention to the way in which compulsory accounting records are managed and kept. Therefore the management of your  Chinese accounting system, the cross cooperation with your European office, the storage of original documents and the handling of the paper work at the relevant tax administration office, are key elements of our company accounts service for your Chinese business.


Human resources control and management are crucial elements to the success of your enterprise in China. From large to small and medium businesses, we can guide you through a wide range of contracting forms. We provide support in recruiting, processing payroll, calculating grants and costs resulting from work contracts in addition to first support in dispute resolution. ​


We assist foreign companies in China with tax planning and consultation at local tax authorities. Our translation reporting activity provides a clear view of Monthly Balances, Tax Accounts Prospectuses, Quarterly and Annual Income Statements.

We verify that the declarations have been accepted by the competent authorities and we support the company through possible conciliation.


The complex Chinese bureaucracy imposes, above all for the foreign enterprise, the collection of several documents in order to apply for any kind of practice at relevant authorities. Our team assists the foreign enterprise in China in understanding and drafting documentation up to the production of the notary act, its legalization and submission at the relevant offices.


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Human Resources & Payroll

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